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The Volvo Experience in West Sweden

There are times when the best way to experience something is to ‘just do it’, and in the case of experiencing the natural rugged beauty of West Sweden, the best way to “just do it” was in the driver’s seat of a Volvo XC90 Executive. Sweden, and especially the Gothenburg area of Sweden, is synonymous with Volvo, as this is where the groundbreaking car, truck and engine manufacturing company is located.

I picked up a new 2006 Volvo XC90 Executive at their Volvo Center. Mr. Peter Carman, and with a name like Carman I knew we were in good-hands, met us at the Volvo Center and introduced us to the XC90. The XC90 Executive is a luxurious SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), and along with its plush leather seats, it is a gadget lovers dream, with a state-of-the-art navigation system (more on that later), twin screen and DVD entertainment system including separate headphones for the rear seat passengers, sunroof, refrigerator incorporated in the armrest between the front seats, CD player and a powerful and clear sound system, and many other gems. I tried out as many of the cool gadgets as possible, save trying to drive while watching the rear seat entertainment system. I did have a bit of a tussle to keep passenger in the front seat as my silent navigator now that I had the automated navigation system, but she agreed to “not experience” the rear seat entertainment system, thank God we did not go past a DVD rental store.

Right off, I must tell you that this was my first time, ok I said it, and now I am more at ease; this was my first time driving an SUV, and I loved it. The Volvo XC90 drove like an agile sports sedan with power to spare, which I used extensively on Route 6 traveling north to Sydkoster, as on one of the days we were running late trying to catch the last ferry of the day to the Koster Islands. The gas mileage was very good, and with the large tank, I did not fill up until I returned the vehicle 3½ days and 660 km later. Read the rest of this entry »

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Volvo Embraces New Technology

Recently car dealers have started to embrace new technology to engage with consumers, we see many more car dealers and manufacturers on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter these days. Many manufacturers have also moved their focus from traditional marketing channels like TV advertising and put that into online marketing.

Not to be left behind, Volvo has launched a new app for the iPhone and iPad, at the moment it is centred on the new Volvo S60. Key features in the app include the ability to style a Volvo S60, watch videos, read news, find a Volvo dealer and order a test drive. Volvo plans to launch more of these apps so this S60 app is the first of many to come.

David Holecek who is responsible for Volvo Cars’ digital strategy said, “Many customers use mobile phones and Internet tablets to search for information. Now we’re simply ensuring that we are where our customers are, opening a window into the company. We’ve integrated a number of unique features, such as using the mobile phone’s built-in gyro to look around inside the car. If you turn the phone, the image viewed moves too, creating the impression that you’re actually sitting inside the car.”

These apps can be used not just to engage with customers, if used properly they can also be used to bring customers into dealerships. The current Volvo app uses geo location tagging to direct the user to the nearest Volvo dealership.

All Volvo apps will be free to download from the Apple app store, Volvo has already planned to create an iPad app containing Volvo Cars’ customer magazine. This magazine app will provide access to some of the traditional magazine’s content such as Volvo C70 offers in Chelmsford along with a variety of bonus functions such as extra graphic image and film material. Read the rest of this entry »

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