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Vauxhall Part Man – Part Machine

The title of the post may be confusing, well it’s in reference to the new Vauxhall Signum, an executive car costing around £28,000. The reason the title says ‘vauxhall part man, part machine’ is because essentially it is a machine (a car) but it is stuffed full of boys toys that it feels like it was designed for a man and the car itself is a man wanting to show off his toys (in my opinion anyway)

The Signum was launched in 2003 and was marketed as a premium car for work, family and play wrapped up into one with lots of space and style due to its unique vauxhall parts. The car looks as if its based on the Vauxhall Vectra but longer and combines the best vauxhall parts and features from other cars such the storage ability of an estate, flexibility of a larger multiple personnel vehicle and comfort of a hatchback.

To reveal why the Vauxhall Signum is becoming the most popular Vauxhall estate car you have to examine its car parts. Firstly the very impressive 3 litre V6 engine is a powerful engine which can outperform a Ferrari 360 (according to Total Vauxhall magazine). Normally for this type of car engine in this type of car you would expect to pay no less than 35,000 GBP, but the Signum under cuts this budget and still crams in more Vauxhall parts to make the car unique. Of course you can have different version with the most models using the 2.2 Direct ECOTEC car engine (uses petrol direct injection), still excellent value for the money.

With sport models you can get all the trimming from sporty suspension to 19 inch allow wheels and electric door mirror wipers. It would not be a Signum if it did not have the extras such as chrome door handles and carbon-fibre door trims. Read the rest of this entry »

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Increasing A Vauxhall Part Performance

To many mechanics it is well known that Vauxhall’s smaller ‘Economical’ car engines often are restricted and don’t fulfill their best performance. To the average Joe this means nothing but to everyone else it matters and so this article is on the modifying the car engine and several car parts to improve performance.

So what can you do, well firstly you can buy another car engine, both expensive and takes time. Secondly you could not buy an ‘ECOTEC’ car engine and hopefully you will get the full horsepower you deserve, or thirdly you can modify it by adding some other car parts and modifying current ones.

We like the latter and so which vauxhall part can be used. Well it’s not a vauxhall part but a Dbilas inlet manifold to enable binning of the restrictive inlet pipe work, but if vauxhall made one then we would buy it. As well as being cost effective you can also do it in an afternoon as long as you know about a car engine and have some good tools and are not afraid to dismantle you car engine.

The kit costs over £800 (including software) but if you’re going to use the car for a while it’s a good investment. My suggestion is to do on older cars with many miles on the clock because it will see the best benefit and could also use the new car parts which you are going to add.

Right so how can you fit the kit onto you car engine, well firstly several vauxhall parts must come off the engine to gain access to the original manifold before replacing the manifold, putting some extra vauxhall parts in (such as a MAP sensor and a new vauxhall alternator) and securing the vauxhall parts back up again before installing software on your ECU. Also some original car parts must be shortened or modified to accommodate the inlet manifold such as fuel tank breather. Read the rest of this entry »

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