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The Next Generation Ford Mustang: Global Design Input

What will the next generation Ford Mustang look like? Expect that the styling cues of the current generation model will find its way to that vehicle which should hit the market sometime in 2014. However, instead of relying solely on its U.S. design team to craft what will be the golden anniversary model, the Ford Motor Company will be soliciting input from designers around the world, keeping in line with its current practice of developing cars suitable for most any market.

Global Design

A radical change may be coming for the Ford Mustang if international design input holds sway. Expect that the next generation pony car to be smaller and lighter, making use of an EcoBoost four and optional V-6, perhaps losing its V-8 engines completely. That’s to be expected given that Ford and other manufacturers are facing stiffer EPA fuel economy regulations come 2016, with fleets expected to average 35.5 mpg. No Mustang comes close to that magic number right now, but future models may achieve what is currently not possible.

Ford Mustang enthusiasts may be shuddering at the thought that their beloved pony car might be eviscerated. That thinking is premature and likely inaccurate: the U.S. design team will still spearhead development, with global designers offering their input according to Automotive News.

Lighter Mustang

What seems likely is based on personal speculation, but the possibilities include reducing the Mustang overall size by a foot, losing several hundred pound and, gasp, switching to front-wheel-drive. That latter prospect may be anathema to the ‘Stang, but it isn’t the first time Ford seriously considered making that move. In the late 1980s, the FWD Ford Probe nearly replaced the Mustang, but the pony car was rescued from certain doom by Dear born faithful. Instead, Ford sold both models before the Mazda-built Probe was discontinued. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mustang Recognition

1967 1968 Mustang recognition

When I very first started in the business of Ford Mustang Parts I thought I knew a lot about Mustangs and the different models. After all I had lots of them and heck I even knew the difference between the Shelby GT 350 and the GT 350 H. It was about that time that I had an embarrassing awaking in the form of a friend from church who as far as I knew never had a Mustang or knew that much about cars in general. We were looking through a magazine a saw a picture of a Mustang what I thought was a 65 Mustang, my friend said no that is a 66. I thought to myself, what does this guy know and we discussed it for a while and both decided that the answer was to look it up later. Thank goodness that he wasn’t around to rub it in when I found out he was right. Many years have passed since and I have made a point to be able to tell the difference between the models and years at a glance now, so to save you from my embarrassment here is how to tell the difference between a 67 and 68 Ford Mustang.

Of course the 67 was the first time that the Mustang had been restyled since its introduction in April of 1964. Most will agree that Ford decided to make the styling changes to stay one step ahead of the soon to be introduced Camaro and Firebird. Even though the car appears bigger and wider it retained the 108 inch wheel base. One of the biggest changes in 1967 was the addition of the 390 Thunderbird Special engine.

At a glance: the easiest way to tell a 67 from a 66 or 68 is the large inset simulated scoops just behind the doors. If your still not convinced look at the grill the cut out pattern in the grill are rectangles. Read the rest of this entry »

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