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Lexus – The World Leader in the Luxury Automobile Market Place

The Lexus brand saw its origin from a covert flagship project that started in 1983. The first vehicle – the Lexus LS – was the one that started the brand on its way to the top. The LS was introduced in 1989 and in the years that followed, Lexus added the sedan, coupe, convertible and the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). A new, exciting project for Toyota was the development of the hybrid version of the RX crossover model. After the hybrid debuted in 2005, many more hybrid models were developed and introduced into the market place.

The F brand was launched in December of 2006, and was a reference to the Fuji Speedway in Japans first corner that was called 27R, this inspired the shaping of the F in the badge. It eventually made its first appearance in January 2007 at the North American International Auto Show. The Lexus F series was a high performance sports sedan.

The F series development process included over 60 front line designers, 24 engineering teams, 1400 engineers, 2300 technicians and about 220 support workers. They had designed 450 prototypes at a mind blowing costs of over 1 billion dollars. The results were the Lexus LS 400 that was totally unique and shared absolutely no body lines or major components with any other previously produced Toyota. The rear wheel drive LS came with a powerful 4.0 L V8 gas engine

Lexus was primarily manufactured in Japan, but the first models ever produced outside their home country were in Ontario, Canada. They produced the RX 330 which started in 2003. Lexus went through a complete company reorganization from 2001 to 2005, and after that time, they operate their own design, engineering and manufacturing that are responsible for the entire divisions autos. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lexus Suspends Sale of Its GX460 Luxury SUV

On April 13, 2010, following the news that Consumer Reports Magazine gave the Lexus GX460 a “Don’t Buy” rating, Toyota’s Lexus division has requested that its dealers stop sale of the 2010 GX460 model. The GX460, which is a large luxury sport-utility vehicle (“SUV”), was given the rating by following tests in which Consumer Reports found that the vehicle its electronic stability control was not immediately responsive causing its rear wheels to dangerously roll over during sharp turns.

While no rollovers occurred in the two GX460s tested, Consumer Reports said that this finding could lead to rollovers if the vehicle were to strike an object or a curb. Toyota said the move to suspend sale of the GX460 was temporary to allow the automaker to conduct thorough tests of its own on the GX460.

It is very rare for a car to receive Consumer Reports’ “Don’t Buy” rating. The last vehicle to receive the “Don’t Buy” rating was the 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Limited SUV. This news comes on the heels of Toyota’s recent recall troubles, which resulted in the recall of millions of Toyota vehicles due to problems relating to the slippage of driver floor mats and gas pedals.

The Lexus GX460 went on sale in November 2009. It is the second generation of the Lexus GX SUV model line and features a new 4.6 liter, V-8 engine that produces 301-horsepower. The vehicle has luxurious interior amenities such as leather trimmed seats and surfaces, 10-way power adjustable heated/ventilated front seats, power moon roof, and automatic climate control. Toyota has thus far sold about 6,000 GX460s, which has start out a manufacturers’ suggested retail price of about $52,000. The GX460 is built on the same platform as the Toyota 4-Runner, but is three inches taller. Consumer Reports did not find the 4-Runner to have the same problem. Read the rest of this entry »

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