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Hyundai Genesis Performance Rivals Mercedes

The Past of Hyundai

It’s not clear whether it is appropriate to say that Korean motor company had a humble start but it is certain that in American they did have a modest beginning. The company stormed the shores of the States in the 80′s with one lone model. They have weathered being the butt of many jokes to immerge a global leader. To the surprise of many the Hyundai Genesis performance is being reported to rival that of Mercedes. That is a long way from earlier comparisons to the Yugo.

When the carmaker first arrived in the west the goal was to offer an affordable vehicle. This is what the company felt was missing in the market so it is what they offered. It worked until owners of the car started to realize that the reliability of the vehicle was what was sacrificed in order to make it more affordable. The savings that once seemed so significant were quickly whittled away with the cost of constant repairs. The reputation of the company suffered dramatically from all the complaints.

This reputation did not go unnoticed by the company. In response to these issues the company started to pour money into developing the quality of the vehicles. These developments were not limited to the mechanical integrity but instead encouraged in all aspects of making and designing the car.

Today’s Hyundai

Currently the company is a world leader amongst auto manufacturers. They have a myriad of models on the market that are designed to fit a range of budgets and tastes. You can still find affordable models that are not much more reliable. However you can also try your hand at more luxury quality vehicles. That’s right luxury and they have done such a good job at it that they have been rated along side other top luxury brands like Porsche. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hyundai Cars – Complete Review On Hyundai Price 2011

The new Hyundai Cars are sporty, attractively designed to show modernity and fun element that the market was missing before. Not only the cool exterior but the inside of this car is always made with pride and style as well. Only in refreshingly smart Hyundai one can feel height of aesthetics and performance too.

The Hyundai Hot List

The arrival of new model of Hyundai is always highly anticipated matter. During the last six months the new models introduced by them include Accent, Wagons, SUVs, and Sedans. Here is the list of the latest Hyundai cars of year 2011.

The Hyundai Accent is the first in this list and this 2011 version is extremely attractive, armed with all the internet gadgetry your Hyundai Accent can be yours at the reasonable price of just $9,899 to $14,918.

Hyundai Azera has also been updated with new model. This one has not only been given a new color coat but there are some subtle changes in the body as well, that make it more aerodynamically sound too. Priced at $24,216 to $27,938 this car is showing huge popularity especially in the capital city.

Hyundai Elantra was also renewed by new model in 2011, and this one has been rated at 4.3 stars by auto shows. Even the criticism of Elantra by different magazines has not shaken the fan fair of this one yet. This vehicle is priced at just $14,426 to $19,145 and was granted 4.3 stars.

Hyundai Elantra Touring is the late arrival in the last six months. With four and half stars from the auto magazine this one has to be the most under rated one among the new arrivals. The price of this is $15,539 to $19,443. Read the rest of this entry »

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