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Citroen DS – The Goddess

Designed by Bertoni and launched in 1955, the Citroen DS (or “Goddess”) sold nearly 1.5 million units during its 20 years of production. A design classic the DS was packed with innovations and safety features that took decades to appear on other cars – indeed some have never been rivaled to this day!

The DS advanced all achievable standards in terms of ride quality, road-holding, handling, and braking. With the exception of air bags and side impact bars, there have been few improvements in vehicle safety design since.

After 18 years of development in secret, the DS 19 was introduced on October 5, 1955 at the Paris Motor Show. The car’s appearance and innovative engineering captured the imagination of the public and 743 orders were taken in the first 15 minutes of the show, First day orders totaled 12,000!

Throughout its model lifetime, the DS remained ahead of its time. It’s most remarkable innovation being the oleo-pneumatic (oil-air) pressure circuit that operated the steering, semi-automatic gearbox, brakes and suspension, which – pumped up by two powerful “accumulators” – provided automatic ride-height adjustment while giving the car a floating, luxurious ride.

The suspension was also driver-adjustable so that, in the event of a flat tire, the driver could raise the car to its highest setting, prop the corner, lower the car and remove the wheel, all without a jack. Other innovations included road-following head lamps, fiberglass roof and boot panel, removable body panels and a charming single-spoke steering wheel which allowed clear view of the instruments and collapsed with impact in an accident. It was also the first production car to sport front disc brakes. Read the rest of this entry »

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