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Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Equipped With V8-Engine for Maximum Efficiency

We all know that the future of all car manufacturers should consider the environmental aspects, and as has been done on the sports car was first released in 2007, is a 2-door sports car that apply the 4.7 L engine (~ 287 cu in) V8.

V-8 is a car engine with a model of “V” has eight cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two banks of four cylinders, in many cases placed at right angles to each other but sometimes at a narrow angle, and generally having eight pistons so commonly known as the V8.

The car was debuted on 2003 as a concept car, and officially released on 2007, at the same time Alfa Romeo announced that their production limit to only 500 units, is not explained in resma, but we know that Alfa Romeo would like to maintain the uniqueness of “8C Competizione”, and also because of concern for the environment not to produce too many cars.

The car is marketed not much different from the initial concept, there is only one big difference, located on the outside into the rear-hinged hood. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione available in four color choices: Including Alfa Red, Competizione Red, black or yellow, paint color choices are dah Also available at extra cost.. bodyshell is made of carbon fiber, manufactured by ATR Group.

The engine and short specification:

Manufacturer by : Alfa Romeo
Production : 2007-2009 (coupé) 500 units
2008-present (spider)
Assembly by : Modena, Italy (Maserati)
Layout : FR layout (its simple design and good handling characteristics)
Engine(s) : 4.7 L (~287 cu in) V8
Transmission(s) : 6-speed semi-automatic transmission Read the rest of this entry »

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Elusive Alfa Romeo Parts Available Online

Alfa Romeo is an Italian car manufacturer famous almost all over the world today. Owned by the Fiat Group since 1986, Alfa Romeo has a formidable presence across Europe and now even in North America, it is slowly coming to the fore as a major player in the automobile market.

Alfa Romeo has a rich history and the roots of this brand stretch way back to 1906 when the first Alfa Romeo car was made. Since then, Alfa has come a long way to establish itself as a car-enthusiast’s choice. Another feather in the cap for Alfa Romeo is its involvement in motor racing. This is one brand that has been consistently on the race tracks proving its metal with high performance sports cars. But it is not just sports cars, now Alfa Romeo specializes is every car segment ranging form sedans to compact hatchbacks and wagons to roadsters.

In USA, Alfa Romeo has existed as an exported vehicle for quite some time now but it was not until recently that the dealership began. Since 2008, this brand is being sold under the Maserati dealership network across USA. Famous for its refreshingly unique European styling and features, Alfa has gained quick acceptance in the US market in such less time. The modern generation of American motorists have taken a keen liking towards this brand and all it has to offer.

Many a people believe that Alfa Romeo is only for the car fanatics who understand the spirit of driving more than the physics of it. The fact that many Alfa Romeo models have appeared in Hollywood movies including the James Bond series, gives this brand and most of its models a cult status among cars. Top Gear, an automobile magazine and TV show renowned all over the world, calls Alfa Romeo cars, the ultimate cars for Petroheads (car fanatics). Such is the reputation of this brand that its name is almost synonymous with everything that oozes class, style and performance. Read the rest of this entry »

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